Just Break Up With Him

Do you feel lost in your current relationship? Are you unhappy or find yourself being held back? These are very real feelings, and are often times hard to come to terms with.

Maybe the first thing you need to figure out is why you are in this relationship. Is it out of convenience? Do you feel like you’d lose all your friends if you broke up? Is your S.O. making everything easy for you? Have you shared a lot of “firsts” together?

Getting to the bottom of this reasoning is helpful and can be sobering, too.

Do you get defensive every time a friend or family member expresses concern? Are you afraid to talk to others about your relationship hardships? Are you worried about what your S.O. will do to spite you afterwards?

If you can relate to any of these thoughts, I’d recommend writing it all down. Jotting this down on paper can feel relieving and will be helpful to reference down the road.

In a perfect world, nobody would break up. Nobody would experience heartbreak. Nobody would be lied to, or cheated on. Nobody would lose sleep stressing about their relationship. But that isn’t the world we live in!

What’s important is that you listen to your gut. Does it just not feel right? Is your relationship leaving you feeling empty? Like I said, write it down, and consider sitting down with a couple close friends. Talk it out. Cry it out. Drink it out. Do what you have to do.

If you do come to the realization that things aren’t working out, grab your S.O. for coffee and talk it out face-to-face. The worst thing you could do is blindside the person on the other side of the relationship. We all know how awful this feeling is if you’ve been in that position.

Chances are, they probably sense something is off too, but you owe it to them to have this conversation. You could be surprised what a serious 30-minute conversation could do for your relationship.

Whatever the outcome, there will always be other people out there. Some get so caught up in the thought that they won’t find anyone else, so they stay comfortable and unhappy. I can promise you there will always be somebody else out there.

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