What I’ve Learned Working Remotely (So Far)

Chances are, the quarantine has interrupted your work routine, and you’re now working from your patio, bedroom, or living room. How’s it going? How are you adapting to the new normal? If you’re struggling, you certainly aren’t alone.

I miss my commute, morning routine, and seeing friendly faces around the office. I miss having the freedom to pop into a coffee shop and grind out a few tasks in peace and quiet. I miss the spontaneous and hilarious work conversations.

But I’m not here to dwell! I’ve heard rumors we won’t be returning to the office until June, so I’m mentally preparing myself for a few more weeks of WFH.

Here are 9 items I’ve learned thus far:

1. Staying in bed until 2 PM is not healthy

2. Putting on leggings is a step up from sweatpants

3. Getting out of bed before 8 AM is a good wake-up for your body

4. It is crucial to hit “mute” when you’re not speaking

5. Running on lunch breaks is a great way to get fresh air and think over things

6. Video calls are the scariest part of quarantine

7. I am constantly eating (my WFH setup is 5 feet from the kitchen)

8. Doing a face of makeup is a huge morale boost

9. I am sleeping in later, and consequently staying up later

Can any of you relate to these? One last item I’ve realized (non work-related) I’m drinking a TON more wine.

If there’s one item to take away, it would be getting out of bed before 8 AM. Set your alarm, and force yourself to get up, just like you would in a normal work routine.

Once out of bed, get out of your bedroom and head to the kitchen to make a smoothie, coffee, or breakfast. Don’t feel pressured to immediately jump online. It’s always important to make time for yourself, whether it’s journaling, catching up on the news, or getting ahead on chores.

We’re all adjusting to new WFH routines, but once you have a secured routine, it does feel good to back into the groove of something familiar.

Comment below your new work setting! I know some of you are getting crazy creative.

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