Dead to Me Season 2 Recap

Season 2 is out – Jen Harding is still my spirit animal and Judy Hale is still the most annoying and infuriating character ever. There’s my recap!

Just kidding. P.S. Don’t read if you’re avoiding spoilers.

I really enjoyed season 2. I liked learning more about Jen’s sons and watching the dynamic between Jen and Judy develop. For being drastically different people, I enjoyed watching them learn from each other and watch over the Harding household.

If I were to give the season an official rating out of 10, I’d give it a 7.

Now to discuss some new characters.

Michelle Gutierrez

I didn’t have any strong feelings towards Michelle, but I did love the fact that Detective Perez was her ex. How full circle! Of course in perfect Dead to Me fashion.

However, I do think Michelle was a fantastic distraction for Judy while she was getting over the fact that her best friend killed her ex-fiance, Steve.

Ben Wood

What are the odds Steve Wood has an identical twin in town? I can’t imagine what was going through Jen’s head when she saw him appear at her doorstep. How could Judy have left out that important detail? Well it is Judy, she’s capable of anything.

Anyways, I liked Ben Wood. He’s an honest, endearing, genuine character in the show. He saw his twin brother for the person he was and forgave Judy for turning him in to the police for money laundering. I found his love affair with Jen a bit confusing, but I liked how he was her hype man.

Secondary Thoughts

I also wanted to write about random events that took place in this season.

Karen’s Husband Comes Out of the Closet

While Karen and her husband have virtually no effect on the plot, they’ve played a humorous and haphazard role in the show. What are the odds that Jen would run into him at the random hotel?

A small part of me does hope Karen sticks around for Season 3.

Jen’s Relationship with Ben Wood and Wine

The two men in her life. Kidding of course, but one of my favorite scenes is when Jen’s card gets declined while purchasing 8 bottles of wine at the grocery store.

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t see Ben as the true love of Jen’s life, but I’m not entirely mad at their relationship.

Police Chief Hastings’ Involvement with Greek Mafia

Was Chief Hastings in Season 1? I can’t recall. Anyways, of COURSE the LAPD Chief of Police is involved with the Greek Mafia. Why the Greek Mafia also? What was Steve helping them with?


“Ending” in all caps because we were left with a true cliffhanger.

  1. Charlie finding Jen’s note to Judy
  2. Steve Wood driving drunk and colliding with Jen and Judy

While Season 3 hasn’t been officially approved, we are certainly set up for one. I’d love to see how Jen can get herself out of this situation with Charlie uncovering her darkest secrets.

I was terrified that the car crash would’ve taken Jen or Judy’s lives, but they both seemed to wake up.

There’s no way Ben Wood can get out of this one, right? Or will Jen and Judy allow him to write it off due to the entirety of the situation? Especially since they’re the reason behind it?

How about the serious cash hidden in Judy’s paintings? FINALLY Judy is good for something. I’m excited to see they’re buying Lorna out of the house so Jen can finally be free from that woman. Do you think she’s going to move? I think so.

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