Nail Polish Colors for Months of the Year

This prompt is a bit different from what I usually write about, but the idea crossed my mind and I couldn’t resist! Do my nails actually match the colors of the corresponding months? No! However I do like to imagine each month has its own personality, and I felt the need to find the appropriate color.


Mink Grey. January can be one of the dreariest months of the year, but also calming and reassuring as it’s a brand new start to the year. January is typically when people commit to new beginnings and self-improvement. This shade of grey reminds me of a blank slate, similarly in New Year’s resolutions.


Bubble Gum Pink. Inspired by Valentine’s Day, February almost has a feminine tone to it? (Maybe that’s just me.)


Shamrock Green. Clearly inspired by St. Patricks day. March has a lush sound to it, just like the color green.


Periwinkle. I’ve always found this color charming, just like all my Aries friends! Periwinkle feels right for this time of year because of Easter, springtime, and anticipation of warmer weather.


Tiffany Blue. May is deserving of another springy, pastel color. May encompasses excitement around Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and outdoor entertainment.


Marigold. June is synonymous with warm weather, feel good music, and “Summer Fridays”.


Cherry Red. The month of July reminds me of cherry pie, heat, and the 4th of July.


Mustard. August encapsulates the wind down of the summer month, but is still known for it’s heat.


Moss Green. While September is the beginning of fall, I wanted to pick a warmer color here. September also reminds me of school supplies, extracurriculars, and family outings.


Pumpkin. Also inspired by a widely celebrated holiday, Halloween! Coincidentally, orange is also associated with the family of “fall colors”.


Space Cadet Blue. I debated on going with a deep green, gray, or brown, but this deep blue felt right. November is when the temperature starts to cool down and we spend much more time indoors. Sometimes we even get a glimpse of snow!


Mahogany. A beautiful, deep and rich red that reminds you of Christmastime. By this time of year I’m as pale as a ghost, and this dark color looks great on pale skin, IMO.

What are your thoughts on light-hearted posts like this on? Do you have any correspondence with these colors? Did I totally miss the mark on any? Comment below and let me know!

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