How I Get My Daily News

Personally, I love feeling updated about current events – whether it’s pop culture, M&A’s, or politics. My grandpa always told me to read the Wall Street Journal. Occasionally the WSJ does have great deals (i.e. your first 2 months for $1), but recently I was charged $40 for a monthly membership. Cancel and refund please! Thank you, next.

I have tried out various daily/weekly email newsletters and here are some of my favorites. The first 3 show up in my inbox every single morning and are ready for me to read before I head into work.

Morning Brew

The Skimm

Need 2 Know

Exploding Topics

USA Facts

Weekend Briefing

Do I read every single one of these? Absolutely not! But I love the diversity within my inbox and having accessibility. Another awesome way to get news is through podcasts. I love the idea of podcasts because I don’t have to sit there and read, I can drive and listen.

The Wall Street Journal has a couple daily ones that I listen to first thing in the morning:

Minute Briefing

The Journal.

Here’s a list of the other podcasts offered by the WSJ, 100% free.

How do you get your daily dosage of news? Comment below your favorite email newsletters, podcasts, etc.

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