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Trends of May 2020

First of all, here’s everything coming and leaving Netflix.

Workin’ Moms – Season 4

Finally! Season 4 is up and live on Netflix, as of Wednesday, May 6 at 3 AM EST. Season 4 includes 8 episodes, 22 minutes each. Rumor has it that Season 5 is in the works too! Who is your favorite character? Personally, mine is Anne.

Yes, I am guilty of bingeing this new season in less than 12 hours, but can you really blame me? I have some thoughts on the season *SPOILER ALERT*.

I totally forgot how adorable Charlie Foster is (Kate’s son) and I liked how the show incorporated more of Kate’s life at home and taking Nathan back into her life. I’m excited that Richard took Kate on her offer to work at Kate Foster Public Relations and I have a feeling they’re going to build a strong, lasting team.

Alice Carlson is a tough cookie and boy did that girl go through a lot! While I’m disappointed about the Carlsons’ move, I think it is going to be good for them. I’m hopeful that Lionel’s new job will put their family in a solid financial place and allow Anne to work on exploring her new passion for female empowerment.

Oh Jenny…so did Ian end up getting laid off (in response to her bonus/rasie)? It was mentioned briefly, but I never saw any clarification there. I enjoyed watching her storm her way up to corporate and demand equal pay. Even though she fell short here, I hope the daycare provides quality childcare coverage for employees. I’m excited to see how her relationship with her new man and I love their dynamic too.

Finally, a season where Frankie’s self-destructive, skeptical behavior pays off! I cannot believe the supposed sperm donor actually turned out to be the criminal she assumed. I also still don’t understand how she still has her realtor job? She always seems to botch her showings?

Dead to Me – Season 2

Believe it or not, Season 1 launched May of 2019. One year later, here we are with season 2. Who else finds Judy the most frustrating and annoying character ever?

Check out my blog post on Season 2 recap here.

Trends of April 2020

Too Hot to Handle

Okay this Netflix show is so overly sexual? I’m not sure why I added a question mark because it’s beyond fact. I binged the show within a week and I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions. Which cast members do you love and loath? I mean seriously where did they find these people? Do they have any concern about their parents or siblings watching?! I mean how horrified would you be to see a relative, ex, or close friend on there?!

By the way, I totally called that they were going to split the prize money. Were they just gonna leave the single people hanging? Didn’t think so.

I was worried they were going to send Nicole home since she never flagged down the spotlight for lust or romance, but I’m so happy they didn’t. In my opinion, she was really slept on this season. I wish we would’ve learned more about her character and background.

Which reminds me! I really do wish they provided more background information about the cast and whey they were selected for the show. Did a friend sign them up? Were they seeking romance or wanting to change things up?

Here’s an update on all the cast members.

Buzzfeed has a ton of THTH content i.e. tweets, memes, and opinion posts if you’re looking for more.

Mrs. America (Hulu)

Brand new to Hulu, Mrs. America! This series depicts life in America during the Equal Rights Movement. Episodes are made available every Wednesday.

Phyllis Schlafly, the show lead, is driving the opposing party against the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment). This show takes place during the 1970’s and depicts the drastic changes sweeping through American households. Womens’ roles were being challenged and disrupted.

Trends of March 2020

Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual Happy Hours: Socializing During 2020 Quarantine

Lately, I’ve been participating in virtual group happy hours. Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like and I’m sure you’ve heard of these too.

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